Shandong Titan Vehicle Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of semi-trailers in China. Since 2004, TITAN factory has produced more than 60,000 semi-trailers. TITAN Vehicle is also an important partner of Sinotruk Howo , Shacman Truck , Foton Truck ,  FAW Jiefang Truck .

TITAN Vehicle promises that the sales profit will never exceed 3%.


Main Products

New Howo Trucks 6x4 Tractor Truck
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Howo Truck New Model Dump Truck Price
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Sinotruk Howo 371 Dump Truck
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Howo 371 Dump Truck 8x4
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Howo 6x4 Truck Tractor Price
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Howo 430 Truck Tractor
Howo 430 is a tool vehicle. The Howo Truck Tractor can be separated from the semi-trailer behind it. The main product is truck tractor, howo truck new model, howo truck head , howo tractor truck price, howo tractor truck, howo new model
Howo Fuel Tanker Truck 8x4
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Howo Water Tank Truck 6x4
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New Products

3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for 3 Axle Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale , 3 Axle Trailer , Flatbed Semi Trailer , 3 Axle Flatbed Trailer, Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale in Namibia.
4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer
4 axle 100 ton lowbed trailer use high strength steel material to ensure the capacity, the 100 ton low bed trailer for sale load can be up to 100 to 120 ton payload.
45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for 445000 liters fuel tanker trailer, tanker trailer for sale, 3 axle fuel tanker trailer, tri axle fuel tanker trailer, tank truck trailer, TITAN VEHICLE focus on tank semi trailer.
45CBM Dump Truck Trailer
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for 6 axle 45cbm dump truck trailer for sale,dump truck semi trailer, 45cbm dump semi trailer, semi dump trailer, 45cubic dump truck trailer
Tri Axle Grain Transport Trailer
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in tri axle grain transport trailer for sale, grain trailer for sale price, 3 axle grain trailer, grain semi trailer price.
150 Ton Detachable Gooseneck Trailer
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for 150 ton detachable gooseneck trailer for sale, gooseneck lowboy semi trailer, detachable gooseneck low bed trailer, 4 axle detachable gooseneck trailer price, TITAN VEHICLE focus on Removable Gooseneck Trailer.
45 Ton Side Lifter Trailer
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for 45 ton side lifter trailer for sale, side lifter trailer price, 20/40ft side lifter trailer manufacturer, side lifter truck trailer, TITAN VEHICLE, as the professional semi trailers supplier,focus on sidelifter.
30m3 Pneumatic Trailers
TITAN Pneumatic Trailers uses world-famous brand diesel-engine Weichai 4102 to help the air compressor work better, the discharging speed can reach 1.6ton per minute.


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