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2023 Howo New Model Tractor Truck for Sale | Howo Truck Price 400/430/371 Truck Head - Howo Sinotruk

Chapter 1. Sinotruk New Model from China - Buy Howo Trucks Price from China

Chapter 2. What is the Price of Sinotruk Howo New Model

Chapter 1. Sinotruk New Model from China - Buy Howo Trucks Price from China

The safety topic of Howo new model has always been the focus of attention of enterprises and society. As one of the main products of Sinotruk, howo new model truck tractor is very suitable for the "needs" of truck users in terms of "safety".

What "means" does it have to protect the safety of our drivers.

First of all, the overall front face design of Howo tractor truck for sale adopts the shape of a Chinese pagoda, implying prosperity and rising step by step, and the Sinotruk LOGO in the middle gives people trust. The mask and the bumper are combined to form a Chinese tripod element, and there is a big ingot pattern inside.

From the perspective of appearance, Howo new model perfectly fits the first order, and the psychological hint of Yuanbao shape will definitely bring good luck to users.

Sufficient light sources for driving at night are an essential part of driving safety. Howo truck price adopts the design of combined headlights. The combined headlights integrate far and low beams, turn signals, fog lights, LED daytime running lights, and low beams. Lamp with lens.

Howo 371 truck head price has no street lights at night, this lighting design can provide the driver with a more ideal line of sight, greatly improving the safety of driving at night.

2023 Howo New Model Tractor Truck for Sale | Howo Truck Price 400/430/371 Truck Head - Howo Sinotruk

Rearview mirror heating and electric rearview mirror adjustment are also standard configurations of Howo trucks for sale. Even if Howo tractor truck for sale is driving in a rainy and foggy environment, the safety and convenience will be greatly increased.

Howo truck head for sale is mainly used for freight logistics. High-speed roads are often one of the most accident-prone scenarios. If you have a set of active safety configuration, you can avoid accidents to the greatest extent before Howo truck head for sale loses control .

Different from the "post-event reduction" of the passive safety system, the active safety system focuses more on "pre-event loss reduction". The active safety system can self-start before the Howo new model loses control, and intervene in the driving action, so that the driver can restore the control of the Howo new model. Control to avoid accidents as much as possible.

The central position of the windshield of Howo new model is equipped with LDWS (Lane Departure Warning) and FCW (Forward Collision Warning) systems, which are mandatory in the new national standard, to effectively enhance the driver's active safety awareness during driving.

2023 Howo New Model Tractor Truck for Sale | Howo Truck Price 400/430/371 Truck Head - Howo Sinotruk

A tire blowout, while the vehicle is running at high speed, can cause material loss at least, or endanger the lives of people in the car. Howo new model is equipped with a tire blowout emergency safety device. When a tire blows out under heavy load and high speed, the emergency safety The device allows the vehicle to drive calmly according to the established route. The steering and braking of the Howo new model are the same as usual. With the tire pressure monitoring system, it can immediately win a valuable chance of survival for the driver and passengers.

Perhaps many active/passive safety configurations are rich enough, but having a stable and reliable power system is also a real help to Cayou. The Howo new model is equipped with a WP10.5H engine from Weichai’s high-end power H platform. The maximum output power of this engine is It is 460 horsepower and the maximum output torque is 2100N.m. It has a good performance in terms of data and reliability, and it is guaranteed for medium and long-distance transportation.

The power and safety of Howo truck price are not only reflected in the horsepower of the engine, but the gearbox is also an important part. The gearbox of this car adopts Sinotruk's own 12-speed all-aluminum gearbox, model HW25712XSTL, with 12 forward gears and two reverse gears, and the final gear is a direct gear. The main box of the gearbox adopts full helical gears, the auxiliary box adopts planetary gears, double intermediate shaft structure, the first gear has a large speed ratio and the maximum input torque is 2500N·m.

2023 Howo New Model Tractor Truck for Sale | Howo Truck Price 400/430/371 Truck Head - Howo Sinotruk

Chapter 2. What is the Price of Sinotruk Howo New Model


The cab of Howo new model inherits the cab of Howo tractor truck for sale, which won the *2011 China Patent Excellence Award, with a unique and masculine shape. Howo truck price, as a member of the road car family, adopts large-span non-leaf springs and four-airbag cab air suspension, allowing customers to enjoy the driving pleasure that can only be brought by international entry-level models. In addition, the Howo truck head cab has world-class active and passive safety, the impact indicators are designed according to Swedish standards, and the steering column can absorb impact deformation.

The cab of Howo 371 truck head price is designed with low wind resistance and has undergone strict wind tunnel test calibration; taking Howo trucks for sale as an example, the driving speed is 90 miles per hour on plain roads, the rated load is 55 tons, and the wind resistance can reach 0.55.


The engine of Howo trucks for sale is domestically produced from the world-class MAN engine, with a displacement of 10.518L, excellent structure, high torque at low speed, high reliability, low failure rate, and high cost performance. Howo truck head for sale series engines are also at the national leading level in the application of internationally advanced compacted graphite cast iron.

Therefore, the engine will not be deformed even after driving 000000 kilometers. The main bearing and connecting rod used in the engine are manufactured with international advanced cracking technology. On the one hand, it is beneficial to realize high-precision positioning, reduce bearing wear and prolong the service life of the engine.

On the other hand, because the traditional crankcase is no longer needed, the engine is more efficient. light. The oil supply system of Howo tractor truck for sale adopts BOSCH high-pressure common rail system: Mobil Delvac XHP super 10W-40 special diesel is delivered, and the initial oil change interval of T7H road vehicles can reach 60,000 kilometers.

It is commendable that the typical design of the water channel, fuel channel and intake manifold used in the cylinder block of Howo truck price fundamentally eliminates the leakage of water and oil between the cylinder block and the cylinder head and the leakage of the intake manifold. Howo new model engine enjoys a B10 service life of 1.5 million kilometers, closely following the international advanced level.

In addition, the engine has an extremely wide range of low fuel consumption and low torque, so that the engine can achieve low fuel consumption operation no matter at low speed or high speed, effectively reducing fuel consumption. To be more precise, the Howo truck head engine has a minimum fuel consumption of 186 g/kWh, which is 10 g (more than 5%) lower than conventional engines currently in use.

2023 Howo New Model Tractor Truck for Sale | Howo Truck Price 400/430/371 Truck Head - Howo Sinotruk

Drive Axle

The axle of Howo 371 truck head price is manufactured with German MAN technology. The active and passive bevel gears adopt Oerlikon products, and the transmission efficiency is as high as 98%. The inter-wheel differential lock is optional, and the hub bearing unit is provided by SKF, the world leader in the rolling bearing industry. With these advantages, Howo trucks for sale axles have achieved an oil change interval of 100,000 kilometers (free of initial maintenance).

Frame and Suspension

The advanced Howo trucks for sale frame makes the whole vehicle lighter, more reasonable in structure and more reliable in performance. Howo truck head for sale is compatible with the internationally leading and domestically unique American HUV rubber suspension, which is 400KG lighter than ordinary leaf spring suspension and has the characteristics of maintenance-free.

Other Top-Class Parts and Components

Howo Sinotruk adopts top international, foreign capital and joint venture components, such as ZF steering gear and oil pump. WABCO air compressor, clutch control system, truck brake valve, various transmission system control valves; German VOSS brake accessories; MANN+HUMMEL fuel filter system, air filter; VDO instrument and electronic control module; BEHR intercooler And radiator; German TMD disc brake friction block, etc.

Long Warranty

Howo new model's 36 months/300,000 kilometers super long warranty period reflects our high confidence in the quality of Howo tractor truck for sale, and also reflects our infinite love for you.

Product Lineup

4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x4 and other drive modes and engine power Howo truck price, trucks, dump trucks, mixer trucks, etc., and other special trucks with modified chassis

2023 Howo New Model Tractor Truck for Sale | Howo Truck Price 400/430/371 Truck Head - Howo Sinotruk



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