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TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-10-28
Dropside Side Tipper Trailer Transport 80 Tons Coal for Sale - How are They Used in Farming Which type of unloading truck is safer, End Tipper Trailer and Dropside Side Tipper Trailer? End Tipper Trailer refers to a car that mainly transports goods and has a dumping compartment, also known as a dump truck. The feature of tipper Trailer is that its carriage can be tilted at a certain angle, so that the cargo in the carriage can be discharged. The tilting of the carriage is completed by the dumping mechanis......
TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-09-09
Petrol tanker trailer are used to transport liquids and gas in large volumes. The trailers come in different models because of the wide variety of liquefied loads. The internal structure also varies depending on the type of liquid or gas that the trailers are designed to transport. The tanks may be pressure or non-pressurized and insulated or non-insulated. Petrol tanker trailer designed to carry one load has a single compartment while those that carry multiple loads have internal divisions in their tanks......
TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-07-13
The Main Types of Paint Craftsmanship for Side Loader Container Trailer. 1. Traditional spray paint: The advantages of traditional spray paint are simple to process and low cost, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The paint surface is not strong and easy to fall off. The construction thickness is also difficult to reach the standard thickness. Spraying is prone to dead corners and painted surfaces. Flow marks appear and are unsightly. For paint spraying, sandblasting must be done befor......
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